Patty Cason, NP

Patty Cason is a family nurse practitioner with a specialty in gynecology. She has practiced for 36 years in a wide variety of clinical settings and is an Assistant Clinical Professor and guest lecturer at the UCLA School of Nursing.Patty is a contracted consultant for numerous governmental and training agencies. She developed the “PATH” questions: A Primer to Help Guide Reproductive Goals Counseling. Patty is part of a national work group examining research and best practices for patient-centered pregnancy intention screening. As an editor and author of Contraceptive Technology she just completed writing chapters on “Sexuality and Contraception” and “Patient-centered reproductive goals and contraceptive counseling” for the upcoming 21st edition of Contraceptive Technology. Her other publications include nationally utilized on-line learning courses, clinical protocols, job aids and manuals on provision of sexual and reproductive health services and integration of sexual and reproductive health services into primary care settings. Her work is published in several peer reviewed journals. Patty heads up the Sexual Agency Project creating qualitative research and high fidelity recordings to be used in educational podcasts for health care professionals.