New ASCCP Guidelines: Implications for FP

What is the quintessence of the recently published 2019 ASCCP Risk-Based Management Consensus Guidelines? Family planning providers, women’s health providers, and primary care providers who perform cervical cancer screening, those who perform colposcopy, and those treating pre-invasive lesions, will benefit from understanding important changes in the guidelines. This article, by Contraceptive Technology authors Michael Policar and Patty Cason, disentangles the eight most significant changes and offers perspectives on how they and be implemented into current clinical practice.

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On the alert: mood disorders during ...

The pandemic and its associated economic disruption are stressful. Associated worries over what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Add the needed public health actions such as social distancing, and many people can feel isolated and lonely. Any accompanying or pre-existing depression and anxiety are risks in themselves. These emotions can place women at greater risk of experiencing an unintended pregnancy, compared to women without depression and anxiety. The role of the reproductive health provider should, at a minimum, entail screening for common mood disorders, differentiating sub-clinical symptomatology from a diagnosable disorder, ruling out differential diagnoses.

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Sex in the Time of COVID-19

While many states across the country are easing COVID-19-related restrictions and businesses are beginning to open up, the threat posed by the pandemic is still present. Data as of late June showed that the daily number of new coronavirus cases was climbing in 22 states. But with restrictions loosening and people emerging from quarantine, what do you tell your patients who ask—is sex safe? The question is explored by ASHA—the American Sexual Health Association. (The authors of Contraceptive Technology are pleased to partner with ASHA for our September virtual conference!) The answer, in short—it can be, but …

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The Book

Now available in a new 21st edition, this well-known text with more than 2 million copies in print has been the leading family planning resource... Read more

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